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Digital Marketing Solutions
Product Description (for HK Clients ONLY)
NO Contract, NO Mark Up on spending, Own Login, Last Forever
冇合約, 廣告消費冇 Mark Up, 所有賬號登入, 永久使用
unit price Package A
Package B
(1) Google Ads, facebook, Yahoo/Bing Setup & Remarketing - (Search, Display, Mobile,…)
Google / Yahoo Search Engine Submission & Indexing
Lifetime basic support 終生基本支援*(see below)
Advance Support & Optimization @ item 10, 高級支援及優化服務在第10項
(2) HTML5 Banners - 1 Creative 19 banners for GDN, YouTube, tablet, mobile
AMPHTML Vs HTML5: better performance, ad experiences, safer ads build trust
HTML5 Banners HK$14K (HK$4K Savings)
(3) JPG Banner for Google, Yahoo & fb HK$4K  
(4) Analytics Analysis & Optimization (More Qualify Leads & Traffic)
Bonus Offer: Yahoo, Bing, facebook Cost Data in Google Analytics basic report
Include 30days Advance Support & Optimization 包括30日高級支援及優化
(5) YouTube ADD-ON - Channel Design, Video ad setup & YouTube Remarketing
6sec. Bumper Video Sample (HK$6K Value)
HK$4K extra HK$6K for 6sec. Bumper Video Production (animation as banner, background music, Voice Over)
  Unit Price
(6) Google My Business ADD-ON - Get your business on the TOP.
1000 Google Map 座標 + 30 超連結. Google Search & Google Map 免費引流
Google MyBusiness SEO
HK$4K with Package A/B
(7) Google Data Studio ADD-ON - Unlock the power of your data with interactive dashboards and beautiful reports that inspire smarter business decisions. (read only access) HK$4K
Waive with
Package A/B + (6)
(8) eCommerce ADD-ON - Google Shopping, Google Merchant Centre & facebook Catalog Sales Setup, Google / fb Dynamic Remarketing, Google Dynamic Search, Google Video for Shopping, enhanced eCommerce Tracking, eCommerce Analytics Dashboard, Strategic eCommerce Advices HK$8K
(9) Baidu ADD-ON - Baidu Search Campaign Setup
World's Unique Offer: Baidu Cost Data (HKD) in Google Analytics
Baidu Search Engine Submission & Indexing, customized Analytics Dashboard
Other Items
  Unit Price
(10) 3 months Advance Support, Report and Quarterly Campaign Optimization, latest digital strategies
三個月高級支援服務及報告, 最新策略執行. 付款後即做季度性優化.*#(see below)
Item 9 Advance Reporting is Included
(11) One time Campaign Optimization with latest digital marketing strategies
一次性高級支援服務, 最新策略執行及優化
(12) High Speed Web Hosting solution (HK node) & VIP Support
Aliyun.com 阿里云寄存
(Optional ICP License)
(13) Exclusive Service against named competitors or business category HK$5K/mth
or 15% of managed spending
(14) Consultation & Seminar Hourly Rate HK$4K /2hr
(15) Shopify or ShopLine Store Setup with basic design & training. eBusiness advice and strategies. HK$20K
(eMarketing Service extra)
(16) WordPress / WooCommerce Web Development. eBusiness advice and strategies. WordPress website from HK$40K
eCommerce from $60K
(eMarketing Service extra)
(17) Global eBusiness strategies Consultation (3 months)
Online Product analysis, Sourcing & Logistics Solutions, User-generated Marketing Solutions, Brand Building and Automation Strategies, resources sharing,...
from HK$50K
*Budget adjustment as per requested, and strategic advices. Campaign update not included. 代調預算及最新策略, 不包括推廣活動更新
*#Include budget & keywords adjustment, ad update, latest online strategies. Design production extra.
**or 10% of managed spending, whatever higher